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Thursday, 22 January 2015

India Nov 2014 - Day 12 - A relaxing day at Balsamand

We went again to the Sardar Market area to shop after briefly "scouting" the area yesterday. Hiring 'Tut-tut" for half a day from hotel to Sardar Market and back did not cost much (less than RM30).

At Ganesh Handicrafts. It's a "fixed-price, no commission" shop. Dont get intimidate by the "fixed price" because you can still bargain at the shop. Tourist guide most probably wont bring you to these "No commission" kind of shops because the guide will not earn any commission from the shop owner for bringing tourists to shop at their place. Guide earn commission from shop owners when tourist bought something from the shop. Sound familiar when you take a vacation package fro tourist agency, does it?

It was said that up to 40% of the price you pay for the goods will go to the tourist guide.

TIPS : If you want the best bargain, do your homework by "google-ing" and go shopping without relying on tourist guides to bring you to shopping places. In India, they say, look for the shops that display "Fixed price, no commission" sign, a shop which you dont get to visit if you rely on your tourist guide.

Student Shop, another shop that we went and shopped. Oh yes, a pair of shoes is something that is worth buying in Jodhpur. Dont forget to bargain!

Back to the hotel to spend the rest of the day relaxing before heading back to Delhi on the next day.

Our arrival photos, which was the evening before actually.

Instead of one family room, they gave us 2 rooms next to each other.

The whole room for himself...

Our dinner that arrival night. Only us, being served in the restaurant that was just next to our rooms.

(awaiting for our simple dinner.. egg curry, rice, and nan bread)

There is a private small garden at the back area of each room..

(Sunrise from our front patio)
Balsamand Garden..

(Outdoor garden dining)

(Getting around the garden)

Walking towards the swimming pools, passing some animals and birds, notably the monkeys and peacocks...

The swimming pool area. Chill evening did not stop her from taking a dip in the pool..

More garden at swimming pool area..

Sunset at Balsamand Lake area...

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