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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Trip to China : 31 May to 08 June, 1999

The Conqueror of Great Wall of China.... at the age of 5 !!!!

Take a look at this one below. Only those who reached the furthest (allowable) end of the Great Wall is presented with this Commemorative Certificate... "Not a plucky hero until one reaches the Great Wall"


(but of course.. I conquered the Great Wall while sleeping on my dad's shoulders... heh heh..!!)

No photos at the furthest end of the Great Wall because my dad could not carry anymore extra weight all the way to the top. So we left the camera with my mum... heh..heh!! Back in 1999, there wasn't any camera phone yet. If there was one, it would be too expensive!!

And of course, this group of people gave us some kind of look when we finally descended the Great Wall and stepped into the tour bus.... (I pretended sleeping still on my dad's shoulders..heh!! heh!! - they must be quite mad waiting for us that long!!)

Okay.. let us begin to write this great history...!!

It began somewhere nearer to the great city of Malacca... (KL isn't that far from Malacca, is it?)

Upon reaching China, at the Royal Banquet, I managed to think and plan for  my "Conquering Mission" while my Empress was busy with the banquet table..

And here's some part of the conquering mission....

While in the garden...

we drew up more conquering mission together....

and my Empress became too tired after that....

These were some of our resting palaces while embarking the mission..

The Conqueror outside of one of the conquered palace....
and with some of the conquering wealth...

During the mission, even the Conqueror was not spared with tolls and taxes!!

In short, this was the itinerary of the mission, conquering the Great Wall of China..


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