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Friday, 23 September 2016

Pangkor Laut Resort (September 2016)

Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort is another one of the four luxury resorts by YTL Hotels.

The story - Set along the Straits of Malacca, three miles off the West Coast of Malaysia, discover a piece of paradise 2 million years in the making.

Of the island's 300 acres, only a fraction has been developed to house this peaceful luxury resort and its Estates. Declared a paradise by the late Pavarotti and previously voted 'Number One in the World' by Condé Nast Traveller

Pangkor Laut Resort (PLR) was the second YTL's resort we experienced after Tanjung Jara Resort.

From Nilai, we took a shorter route but longer time drive to arrive Pangkor Laut Resort marina where onward transfer to the resort was by PLR speed boat.

Arrival at PLR island jetty...

Reception process... followed by short briefing...

Escorted by the PLR's staff, we walked to our Hill Villa unit 381 & unit 382. The building below housed an elevator which took us to the hill top.

(but later we found out climbing up and down wooden staircase was a better choice for us, a shorter walking distance + better daily exercises)

This is the view from the elevator top, toward the sea.

and these are the pics of the hill path going toward our villas, located right to the end..

Villa 381's verandah, viewed from Villa 382...

View toward the sea from the verandah Villa 382..

Some of the villa's interior..

Open roofed jacuzzi..

A colony of flying foxes making a large tree (enroute swimming pool area) as their habitat. If your villa is in the vicinity of the tree (front villas), you don't need a wake up call every morning as the foxes make a lot of noises at specific time (generally) of the morning. According to the staff, every year, live sample of the fox are lab-tested (in Kuala Lumpur) to ensure that they do not get infected by any disease. So far, none has been detected. 

Near swimming pool area..

at the background are the sea villas. Occupancies are for 16 years and above due to safety reasons.. No in-house TVs, perfect for honey-mooners...

Wild hornbills are also everywhere...

Swimming pool....

Villa sea view as the sun begins to set..

We had our dinner at Uncle Lim... nice settings...

Hill views in the morning as we walked to "Feast Village" to have our breakfast..

We walked by the sea villas corridors to jungle-trek, to reach the Emerald Bay. The private beach for guests...

Nice white sandy beach.. sea-netting helps to protect the beach from undesirable marine life (like jelly fish). However, undesirable marine life are generally spotted (seasonally) on the other side of the island where the arrival jetty is (where except for sea-sports, swimmings are discouraged)

Beside the jungle-trekking route, there are resort's transport every 15 minutes to ferry guests to Emerald Bay (and also other parts of the island) 

This is one of the resort's transport vehicle ferrying guests to various part of the island. All the license plate bear the letter PLR (Pangkor Laut Resort). If your stay is short, then the transport is handy to save time, otherwise, it is best the explore the island on foot.

We could not dine at Fisherman's Cove because under 16 is not allowed (due to safety reason). so our dinner was at Feast Village (where the breakfast is).

The dinner menu at Feast Village. The $$$ is quite typical here.. a bit less at Uncle's Lim.. you should budget around RM100 per person per meal... you may want to think of Brahims, Maggi and rice-cooker for lunch and dinner here (if your breakfast already included).. hahahaha..

Early morning.. witnessing the sunrise from the cool verandah surrounded by "forest"....

Time to leave Pangkor Laut Resort....

A bit more of the island's views...

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